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- is a high-tech thermal insulation. This type of insulation has long been proven by seasoned construction professionals. Penoplex is the best type of expanded polystyrene, which is produced by a unique method. You can buy Penoplex in Chelyabinsk at the lowest prices in our company. 

 Available in a warehouse Penoplex 50mm, 100mm. 

Penoplex advantages: 

1. Zero water absorption from Penoplex;
2. High strength from Penoplex;
 3. High thermal protection from Penoplex;
4. Durability from Penoplex;
 5. Environmental friendliness from Penoplex;




3368 rub
per packing

  • 20 sheets in a package
  • 0,278m3 in packing
  • 13,864 m2 per pack



3265 rub
per packing

  • 13 sheets in a package
  • 0,271m3 in packing
  • 9,012 m2 per pack



3317 rub
per packing

  • 9 sheets in a package
  • 0,249m3 in packing
  • 6,239 m2 per pack



2668 rub
per packing

  • 7 sheets in a package
  • 0,243m3 in packing
  • 4,8526 m2 per pack



3389 rub
per packing

  • 4 sheets in a package
  • 0,277 m3 in packing
  • 2,7729 m2 per pack

Get the best price for penoplex in Chelyabinsk

Penoplex is a high-quality insulation made from extruded polystyrene foam. Penoplex thermal insulation does not lose its properties and qualities at temperatures from -60 to +40. And these plates have a lot of advantages. For example: moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, strength, vapor permeability, lightness, durability and many others. I would also like to separately note the type of plate. The L-shaped edge along the entire perimeter gives not only ease of installation of the material, but thanks to this, the cold will not enter, and the heat will not come out. And even the slightest cracks on the slab will not be scary due to the low thermal conductivity. But even with such a large number of characteristics, the price of Penoplex plates in Chelyabinsk is low. Therefore, he is so popular.

In our warehouse there are 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm in stock. All board sizes and also all brands of penoplex. If you need to buy cheap penoplex in Chelyabinsk, then this is definitely to us! We are the official representative of the plant in the Chelyabinsk region. Therefore, the price per sheet will pleasantly surprise you. And our experts will help you with the right choice of foam polyethylene for your specific case and will help you calculate the exact number of packages that you need.

Turning to Penoplex74, be sure that you will buy the best penoplex at the best price in Chelyabinsk, and will also help with the calculation and advise what, where and how, is better to use.